Be Very Important Person at Jet Quay at Singapore Airport
Be Very Important Person at Jet Quay at Singapore Airport
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June last year, US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Jongun Kim had a historic meeting at Capella Hotel, Sentosa, thanks to the Singapore’s neutral yet friendly stance with the US and North Korea. The short distances for the two leaders to move around the summit building and the high level of its national security also played part.

The gateway to Singapore is Changi Airport. The UK-based airline and airport review and ranking site ‘Skytrax’ has put Changi as the No.1 airport in the world for 6 years in a row. What makes this Changi Airport more attractive than any other airports in the world? Travelers, at first, get ‘wowed’ by watching up ‘Rain Vortex’, the 40 meter high indoor fall in Jewel Changi which linked to Changi Airport. It is said that some travelers deliberately stopover at Changi Airport just to see this marvel of the Jewel.

The Jewel was designed by Israeli Moshe Safdie, the same architect who designed Marina Bay Sands. The Jewel is both 5 floor under and over grounds in doughnut shape and is linked to 3 terminals of the 4 terminal Changi Airport. It is notable that 1 billion Singapore dollars were poured into building this manmade magnificence.

Jet Quay

Changi Airport has 4 terminals. But there is one more terminal even Singaporeans don’t know much about: it is CIP terminal where Jet Quay, the VIP lounge, is located. Originally, it was built and designed for private jets in 2006 but is now open to ordinary travelers if they pay the fee.

The reason you might want to use this VIP lounge is that you do not need to do all the hassle like baggage, check-in and customs as the lounge does all the job for you. What is more, there is shower and bed so that you can just take a nap or sleep after shower like you are at home. In other words, you do not need to find a hotel nearby to take a rest by paying way too much for just a short stay or journey back and forth again to the airport.

The VIP services at Jet Quay are provided through 3 stages: Gateway, Quayside and Jetside. On the Gateway service, a concierge assists you from the very moment you arrive at the airport at the price of 90 Singapore dollars for a group of 3 persons. The Quayside service adds electric buggy and Jet Key Lounge at the price of 400 Singapore dollars for a group of 3 persons. The Jetside adds limo and exclusive entrance at the price of 1,500 Singapore dollars for a couple.

Everything you need

CIP stands for Commercially Important Person. It can accommodate up to 400 people but the terminal limits the number up to 20 to meet the standard of its fame as a globally acclaimed luxury airport lounge for businessmen. You can freely use various convenience facilities from restaurant and snack bars to garden and bed room of your choice for one, two and four.

What is more, there is spar, office, meeting room with projector and smoking room. All bathroom has shower gel, shampoo, toothbrush, hairbrush, dryer and towel. However, you must book a room, or massage which will cost you about Singapore 100 dollars for one hour. If you need a room for only a couple of hours, you can book a private room, which is commonly used by celebrities who wish to avoid contact with the public, at the price of 80 to 200 Singapore dollars for 6 hours based on the size of the room. As the boarding approaches, a staff guides you to the security check and rides you on the private buggy to the gate of your plane with utmost care and kindness. You just cannot help feeling that you are treated way too high like a king or a queen.

How to be Very Important Person

Booking in advance for the services, of course, is very important. Next, you need to make sure that your taxi driver takes you to CIP terminal because many of local taxi drivers are not even aware of the existence of Jet Quay. Thirdly, you must arrive at CIP terminal at least one hour before your plane takes off to fully enjoy this expansive service you have paid for. Lastly, leave everything to your staff after passing the entrance. All you need to do from this stage is to sit back and relax until your plane takes off. Von Voyage!

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